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Oct 8, 2019 8:36:17 AM - by Adama
1 min

Season 2 Show 3 : Autumn Breeze and Falling Leaves

Arableaware with Simon Gadd

Date: 02/10/19

Location: Charnwood House, Amber Hill, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 3RQ

 Show notes:

David Roberts (ADAMA’s Herbicide Technical Specialists) and Will Nicholls (ADAMA’s Regional Agronomy Manger) are with Simon Gadd in Lincolnshire. Simon starts by welcoming ADAMA to his farm and sharing how his oilseed rape is looking. David and Will also share their thoughts on this year’s harvest.

Arableaware with Simon GaddWill Nicholls, David Roberts, Simon Gadd, Russ GoldSmith 

In a pre-recorded interview Mike Hooper, Wiltshire, shares his harvest experience as well as providing a general update on disease pressure, OSR drilling and the cultural control methods he is using to tackle black-grass. (3.10)

Next is another pre-recorded interview from Russ McKenzie based near Huntingdon. He also shares his harvest experience, disease pressure and how he reached 85% establishment in OSR. (6.10)

David provides his comments on the pre-recorded interviews, and in particular advises on cabbage stem flea beetle in OSR and black-grass control measures. Will also shares his insights on the recent disease levels. (11.07)

Back with Simon Gadd, conversations move to how his OSR and Winter Wheat harvest went. He shares how his wheat yield was above their usual average. (13.25)  

He then goes on to discuss the pressure of controlling cranesbill in his OSR crop. David shares his advice on any recommendations for listeners in terms of control of blackgrass, ryegrass and broad weed-leaves. (14.56)

Conversations move to Barley yellow dwarf (BYDV) virus and Will shares best practice as well as explaining how Mavrik can target these autumn aphids. (16.10)

Ali Bosher (ADAMA Marketing Director) shares in a pre-recorded interview how ADAMA have updated and improved the packaging following the feedback from many farmers around the world. (19.00)

Back with the team who are now in an established OSR crop, Simon explains his approach to the use of pre-emergent herbicides and the control on black-grass. David shares the importance of delayed drilling in wheat crops. Further black-grass cultural control methods are also discussed. (21.35)

Will discuss how this year’s moisture has affected slug pressure. (26.47)

To round up the guys share their final tips as we head into the autumn. (31.25)

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