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Mar 6, 2018 1:51:22 PM - by Adama
1 min

Show One: A Snowy Start


This show can be found on iTunes and Spotify.

Date: 05/03/2018

Location: Strawson Ltd, Newark

Show Notes:  We are extremely excited to launch our very first podcast show, A Snowy Start

For our first show our two Technical Specialists, Andy Bailey (Fungicides) and David Roberts (Herbicides) visit Strawson Ltd in-house agronomist Ian Holmes 


We kick off by hearing a pre-recorded soundbite from two of our YEN growers Iain Robertson (South West) and Alan Clifton-Holt (South East), on how their cereal crops have come through the winter. Thanks for the update! (03:24)

Back at Strawson Ltd, the guys start their snowy farm visit in a wheat field; conversations focus around prepping for spring and Ian's approach to T0 protection against septoria and rust control. (12:05) 

Earlier in the week we took the time to catch up with a podcasting pro – Will Evans from Rock and Roll Farming. It was Will that inspired our podcast channel so we really wanted to learn from the best! We also had a chat about Oxford Farming Conference and Will’s experience as an emerging leader. (20:49)

Going back on farm the guys have now moved into an OSR field. Conversations are focused around black-grass, ryegrass and Broad-Leaved Weed control. Along with the strategy Ian is adopting towards his ALS-resistant poppies in OSR and cereals. (38:40)


We round the show off with Ian, Andy and David sharing their tips and recommendations for moving forward at this time of the year. (42:56)

If you have any comments on the show or want us to cover a particular topic in future podcasts, then we'd would love to hear from you; please leave a comment below, tweet us @AdamaUK_or simply email us on ukenquires@adama.com.

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